Burke Village continues to operate as a self-managed homeowners association. This is done through the volunteer services of the BVHA board members and committee members.  Each board member is a homeowner from Burke Village that commits time and resources to help the community. 
All homeowners are engouraged to attend board meetings to help direct the efforts of the board. Should you have any suggestions or questions for specifc board members please feel free to email them.  If you have any general questions for the board, please complete theonline form.
President:                                       Term Expiration:

Vice-President:  Kennie Johnson   Term Expiration: 2018 (until Annual Mtg 2019)

Treasurer:​           Ron Cruz             Term Expiration: 2019 (until Annual Mtg 2020)

Secretary:​                                       Term Expiration: 2018 

Member:                                          Term Expiration: 2019 (until Annual Mtg 2020)      

Member:             Viki Halabuk         Term Expiration: 2019 (until Annual Mtg 2020)

Member:             David Pearson      Term Expiration: 2020 (until Annual Mtg 2021) 

Financial Manager:  Darryl Payne of Cardinal Management Group, Inc.
How do I become a board member?
Board members are elected at the BVHA annual meeting. The number of open board seats is based on the term-expirations of the board members.  Any community member can be elected to the board if they obtain the majority vote.  Individual offices are determined at the subsequent board meeting and are decided by the board members. If the annual meeting has passed and you want to get involved, consider joining a committee or attending a board meeting. 
What do board members do?
The board serves as an oversight to all contracts that BVHA undertakes.  This includes trash service, landscaping, tree trimming and removal, snow removal, and general property maintenance.  The board collects homeowners association fees to fund the operating costs of BVHA and assist in the general improvement of the community.  As guided by the Capital Improvements Committee and homeowner suggestions, the board dedicates resources to projects for community maintenance and improvement. Officers have duties that are specific to their roles on the board, such as meeting minutes, direction of board meetings, and management of community income.