Burke Village continues to operate as a self-managed homeowners association. This is done through the volunteer services of the BVHA board members and committee members.  Each board member is a homeowner from Burke Village that commits time and resources to help the community. 
All homeowners are engouraged to attend board meetings to help direct the efforts of the board. Should you have any suggestions or questions for specifc board members please feel free to email them.  If you have any general questions for the board, please complete theonline form.
President:          Viki Halabuk         Term Expiration:

Vice-President:    vacant                Term Expiration: 

Treasurer:​          Ron Cruz              Term Expiration: 

Secretary:​          Dave Pearson      Term Expiration: 

Member:             Teresa Williams   Term Expiration:      

Member:             Brent Miller          Term Expiration: 

Member:              Ruth Altheim       Term Expiration:

Financial Manager:  Darryl Payne of Cardinal Management Group, Inc.
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Mailing Address:                     Phone:

Burke Village HOA                     (703) 539-6030
5812 High Bluff Court                Please note this is a
Burke, VA 22015                       voicemail system. Calls                                                        will be returned as soon      as possible.

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