Parking Committee
New Parking Policy and Map Assignments
Effective Date:  May 1, 2017!!
See Maps and New Policy at link below.


Chair - Matt Tang (703) 239-9069
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What to Expect? name a few

  • Parking will no longer be unassigned.  Note: Where applicable, the committee attempted to assign homeowners the same two spaces they were already using.  

  • Policy regarding commercial vehicles

  • RESTRICTED Parking locations such as yellow curbs, sidewalks and grass areas. Only park in designated parking spaces and pads.

  • RESTRICTED Vehicles such as boats, trailers etc.

  • VIOLATIONS and Actions for non-compliance

  • Abandoned Vehicles and Inoperable vehicle

  • Visitors spaces are first-come first-serve, however there is a 72 hours (3 days) maximum for leaving a vehicle inactive in a "Visitors" space.   

 What's Next?

  •  Parking committee will explore all options and opportunities for adding parking spaces throughout the community.  A report will be provided for review.    

See Updated Parking Maps Here, 
as of 4/14/2017
 (Includes recent changes to Blinco Ct and Robins Nest according to feedback)